About Us

Bromo Flexible Tour is one of the companies located in the Malang city that’s run in tour & travel business.we not only invite guests to discover the beauty of Java and Bali, but also feel a courtesy, hospitality, helping nature and of course our flexibility is a typical Indonesian population already well known.
Colorful of nature and culture in Indonesia has become our inspiration to explore the beauty and share it to the world.
The establishment of this company is one step we are to share the beauty and happiness to the world.
Bromo Flexible Tour is kind of a team whose members are mostly from the experienced guide, tour leader and even most of our drivers can speak English. This is our weapon to do business so that we can do a fair competition with others. Of course, with a lot of experience we offer a fun and satisfaction while the tour program we can find and explore the colorful of our land.
Finally we invite you to join us in our program and we will serve you as your order as our motto ” Let Us Be Flexible, We Allow You To Be Flexible “

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